We Believe Seven Things...

1. We believe the safety of your family comes first, including furry family members.
2. We believe you shouldn’t have to wait for us to show up on time or your clean carpet to dry overnight.
3. We believe in diversity and tolerance, but not when it comes to stains and dirt.
4. We believe clean carpet smells like... nothing at all.
5. We believe residue is the problem. Always has been.
6. We believe investing in our employees is the best decision for them... and you.
7. We believe you should only pay us if you absolutely love our service.

Zerorez Clean Guarantees

  • With our patented cleaning process and Empowered Water ™ - your carpets will stay cleaner, longer... guaranteed.
  • If Zerorez can’t clean your carpet, it cannot be cleaned. If we can’t clean your carpet and someone else can, we’ll pay your cleaning bill.
  • At Zerorez, we believe you should only pay us if you absolutely love our service. Our guarantee is part of what makes us one of the best cleaning companies in Tampa Bay!
  • Contact us to experience the difference of Zerorez for your Tampa, Odessa, Lutz, Palm Harbor, and St. Pete area home!

Reviews from Zerorez Customers

If you write a review, we'll post it. We post the good, the super-excited-can't-believe-you-got-it-as-clean-as-you-did, and even the occasional poor review. The only thing we don't post is a full name, to protect your privacy.

ZeroRez Customer Reviews

The tech was great. Very polite and even patient with me because I still needed to vacuum once he arrived. (more…)


The 2 guys who came did a great job explaining get everything and working with me so I could get everything I wanted done. (more…)


Thien gave me my cleaning options, worked quickly, and my carpets came out clean. She was also very sweet and courteous. (more…)


Zerorez has exceptional customer service and does an excellent job cleaning carpets. The technician arrived on time and was (more…)

Sherry N.